First Story

Hello. I’m Lori, and this will be my first story.

You may wonder what I’m doing over here at I’ve been blogging  for a few years now at, so why the sudden change? Well, the best way I can explain it is that sometimes change is good. The other site is still active and will continue to be used in relation to my old band, Pacific Buffalo. This new blog will be my own. I’m thinking it will be part journal, part photo book, part totally off the top of my head nonsense.

Besides, with wordpress, you can sign up to get automatic notification via email each time I add a new blog post. That way, you’ll get all the vacation photos (that means you, family) and you won’t miss a single episode of Loristory. If interested in this nifty feature, just leave a reply below, and check the little box that says “notify me of new comments via email.” (You can leave a reply without checking the box, it’s up to you.)

So, welcome to my new flight of fancy. Let’s explore parts unknown together.




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