If Time Can Bend

If time can bend
then you are still here
and we are together
we live on a star
on Orion’s belt
or maybe we sit
on the edge of his sword
we gaze at the heavens
and watch falling stars
and say look! there!
let’s make a wish!
and you whisper I wish
that we never will die

If time can bend
then there are no lines
from point A to point B
and the constellations
are mobiles in motion
spinning in time
over make-believe cradles
stellar examples
of human design
only existing
in linear minds
and maybe the truth is
we’ve already died

If time can bend
then we are all dancing
the dance of a lifetime
caught in a cobweb
of cosmic proportions
with strings made of atoms
and light beams and laughter
and you are my partner
and we’ll go on dancing
just as we have been,
and are now, and will be,
brilliantly bending
refusing to die

© Lori Bonati, 2017

Badge 2017

9 thoughts on “If Time Can Bend

  1. Wonderful poem Lori. I really like how you move through each of the three stanzas and the question that is raised in the middle one, along with the exclamation marks in the first verse (which really put me there and had me pointing to make a wish!)

    Those are my favourite things in poems, you have some brilliant celestial and emotional lines playing with the nature of space and time but also there are the little things that connect the reader to the universe you are describing through the layout of your words. My lucky number is also three, so this comes out as a perfectly well-rounded poem in its execution.

    Heartwarming and brilliant.


    1. Thank you, David. I have been so busy writing for Nano Poblano and reading others’ posts that I haven’t had time to respond to comments until now. I’m traveling (not time traveling, though) and finally had a chance to start reading your book, Life, Sex, and Death, on the plane. I’m really enjoying it. I feel like I’m getting to know you through your poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol You made me chuckle about time-travelling Lori 🙂 I’m having a blast going through lots of NanoPoblano posts, I’m trying not to rush them (it is very time consuming) and am taking my time with them. It does mean that I still need to think about my next poem though at some point, which I will do soon – no rest for the wicked 😉 I’m so glad you are enjoying my poetry collection and are doing so in a comfortable environment that is suited to reading poetry. I’m very proud of all of the poems in that collection and their diversity. I’m actually planning on publishing another collection at the start of next year (which I have been told are even better than my debut that you are currently reading!) and yet another collection in May 2018 (which will include all of the poems I am writing for NaNoPoblano 2017 and a new batch I will write for NaPoWriMo April 2018 too). My greatest strength appears to be poetry and music, so we must all continue to play to our strengths as hard as we can. Look forward to hearing what you think about the book when you have finished it 🙂


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