Lost and Found

“Lost and Found” is my first ever guest post! I wrote it for Day 9 of “Rage Against the Machine,” running through November at The Seeker’s Dungeon (hosted by Sreejit Poole). You can find my guest post (with song video) by clicking here.

Many thanks to Sreejit Poole for allowing me to participate in “Rage Against the Machine.” Be sure to visit him at The Seeker’s Dungeon.

This is also my Day 9 post for Nano Poblano. Check out their awesome blog posts here!

Badge 2017

4 thoughts on “Lost and Found

    1. Thank you very much, David. Excellent timing — I just finished your book on my return flight! That says a lot, since I was planning on sleeping! Have highlighted several poems that were my faves.

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      1. You had some favourites in my poetry book? As in multiple ones? That makes me very chuffed 🙂 I also really dig “Nothing Rhymes with Donald”. I can actually think of plenty of things to say about him that don’t rhyme that would fill an expletive encyclopedia, turn the air crystal blue and probably ban me from here for life, so I will quietly wait with the popcorn and beverages ready for the sound of his inevitable well-deserved demise 🙂


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