Haiku Hour

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Haiku Hour

Can’t sleep, up at five
check my phone for messages
someone liked my post

I eat my breakfast
granola and some coffee
now to get to work

I could try haiku
I get a pad of paper
broken pencil point

maybe I’ll give up
go back to bed and dream of
being late for school

but something tells me
try again, you idiot
so what can I do?

another coffee
a sharpened pencil this time
and an eraser

it’s five thirty now
the sun has not arisen
birds are still asleep

my street is quiet
I don’t hear any traffic
writing time is now

ten minutes have passed
I have not written a word
the page is empty

maybe I should try
a little meditation
and see what happens

find a quiet spot
close my eyes, breathe in, breathe out
repeat my mantra

buzzing in my ears
I feel like I am floating
a dog is barking

five barks in a row
silent for a moment, then
seven barks, then five

secret learned today:
all the world is poetry
glad to be alive.

© Lori Bonati, 2017

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7 thoughts on “Haiku Hour

  1. Lol my favourite one is giving up and dreaming about being back in school and being late. That is very specific. I’m late for a lot of things in life. I even once wrote a song about being late and that I would be late for my own funeral. I guess that’s not a bad thing to be late for – I hope to be late by about thirty odd years or so 🙂 And I also laughed that with all the haikus going on, even the dog is doing them, such is the nature of poetry all around us, animal, mineral or vegetable 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed this, David. But guess what: in typical Lori style, I went back and reworked the poem yesterday. It now features me naked on a stage in my dream — er — nightmare, and the last line mentions what a showoff the dog is. I think I should repost it!


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