Saturday Night Flight

I’m traveling tonight from Tucson, Arizona to Albany, New York. During my 3-hour layover in Chicago, I passed the time by writing a song parody, to be sung to the tune of “Chicago” by Fred Fisher:

Chicago, Chicago

I’m charging my phone,

chrome table, I’m able

to sit here alone

On my way to New York, I plunge a fork into

salad, raw salad,

waiting for connections is just the time to

write ballads, (like this one)!

I’ll soon board

and move toward

that row in the back,

grab aisle seat, throw luggage on the rack


settle in now, sit back, close my eyes

soon I will fly in the friendly skies of

Chicago, Chicago and then New York!

(Below: Tucson International Airport, Chicago O’Hare Airport)

Here’s the original version of the song:

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Flight

  1. Lol I love parodies of musicals that have me singing along with the tune with alternative lyrics. They make ordinary tasks seem much less ordinary and much more fun šŸ™‚ I totally heard the Chicago tune in this one.

    I once wrote a spoof of “Joanna” from West Side Story called “Paella”, channeling my inner Weird Al Yankovic:-

    The most beautiful sound I ever heard
    All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word…
    I’ve just met a girl named Paella
    And suddenly chorizo and prawns
    Will never be the same
    To me.
    I’ve just eaten a portion of Paella
    And suddenly I’ve found
    How wonderful a sound
    My jaws chomping can be
    Say it loud, on the stove it lies smouldering
    Say it soft or the neighbors will want some (get your own!)
    I’ll never stop eating Paella
    Even if I’ve eaten another dish
    It’s no use saying “That’ll do, pig”
    Because it won’t


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