Branded on Black Friday


Who are you wearing?

Whose name’s on your shirt?

What’s on your label,

your purse, and your skirt?

Where did you buy that, and

where was it made?

Is it a knock-off?

How much have you paid?

Did you go shopping

or order by mail?

Visit an outlet store?

Find a good sale?

Did a designer

initial your dress?

Is that a Gucci?

Oh wait, let me guess!

What’s in your closet?

Did you pay enough?

Or did you just order

a bunch of cheap stuff?

Can you keep up with

her wardrobe, or mine?

Is yours generic,

or top of the line?

What does it say

on the soles of your shoes?

Do you insist on

the higher-priced booze?

Are your kids’ crayons

imported from France?

Do you have signatures

sewn on your pants?

Black Friday is here!

(so the ad-man demands) …

but can you imagine

a world without brands?

4 thoughts on “Branded on Black Friday

  1. A world without brands? But how would I know what expensive stuff to buy? I would be lost at sea with no way to navigate my way through all of the piles of stuff that would look the same. And everybody involved in Marketing would have no jobs. We’ll have to pay them to get them to shovel through the piles of stuff to get to what we want 🙂 This made me smile Lori, I loved the line about getting crayons from France and signatures on pants 😀


    1. Thanks, David. I once did some editing work for an American musician who ordered his kids’ crayons from France. I just looked up French crayons and learned that the brand name “Crayola” comes from the French word for chalk, “craie.” See what blogging can teach us?

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