Diversity Song

Yesterday, I walked to a little park near my apartment. It was a beautiful day. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes were out walking and riding bikes. A gray-haired woman sat on a bench in the sun next to a young woman with Down syndrome. A bald man on a recumbent bike sat quietly next to a statue, a memorial to children in the community who have died. Children played on a rainbow-colored slide. I noticed that it was also a rainbow-colored variety of children; their hair was black, brown, and yellow. It got me thinking about America.

It’s hard NOT to think about America these days (especially if, like me, you happen to be an American). We’re in the news every day, and most of it’s downright embarrassing. But at the park, I started thinking about what I believe truly makes America great. To me, it’s our diversity.

Maybe this Thanksgiving, Americans should make more of an effort to give thanks for our diversity. And maybe we should celebrate it this Fourth of July, too.

Tonight, I’ve written some lyrics about diversity in America. You might want to sing them to the tune of “America the Beautiful” while sitting down for your Thanksgiving dinner this year.


Oh beautiful for this our home
For mountains, rivers, trees
For buffalo so plentiful
Fish swimming in the seas
For Native people living here
Respectful of the land
The beans and corn and squash adorned
That perfect feast so grand

Oh brave the many immigrants
Who faced the ocean storms
With hopes of finding better lives
Wishing to be transformed
And braver still the stolen ones
Robbed of their liberty
Our country’s been a melting pot
Though not completely free.

We stand for nothing if not this:
We are diversity
A land of many colors proud
That is our legacy
America, America
Our strength: our many shades
A garden where all flowers grow
Where every grain can wave!

© Lori Bonati


7 thoughts on “Diversity Song

  1. Lori, that needs to be sung at the 2020 Democratic convention. Of course, there has to be a fourth verse for all those Native Americans who had to move over to make room for us.

    Keep up the good work showing that you got the Bonati gene for music! –Khal

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  2. and with that suggestion:

    Let’s not forget the native folks
    Who made such sacrifice
    Whose wide expanse of liberty
    Was crushed like in a vice
    Oh immigrants, oh immigrants, the red man is your host
    Don’t soon forget the pain endured to make room for your home

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  3. I truly believe the majority of people are good. It doesn’t matter the color of skin, religion or anything. You’re good to me, I’m good to you.

    There are those who are none of these things and sadly they seem to make the news. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pay attention to those who deserve it.

    Those were beautiful lyrics. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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