Song about a Homeless Cat

Someone reminded me tonight about “My Name is Romeo,” a song I wrote 7 years ago. They wanted to hear it again. What a nice surprise!

And since I didn’t have anything else planned for this evening besides eating cookies and watching Netflix’s Crash Landing on You, I’ve decided to take a few minutes to share “My Name is Romeo” with you.

You might remember the song from my blog post in 2019, where I explained how I came to write it. But if not, or even if you do remember and want to hear it again, here are a few things you can do:

  1. You can hear a recording of the song on YouTube. I sing, and Chuck Phillips (the other half of our little indie duo, Pacific Buffalo) plays keyboards. The video contains lots of cat pictures, and I have to say, it’s damn cute. Here’s the link: My Name is Romeo
  2. You can read my 2019 blog about it here: Sewing Some Song Seeds
  3. You can click this “Song Seeds” link to read the published story I wrote about writing the song.

I hope you enjoyed the song, even if you aren’t a cat person!

And now, back to my cookies and my binge-watching of Crash Landing on You, a Korean love story that actually mentions Romeo and Juliet in one of the episodes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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12 thoughts on “Song about a Homeless Cat

  1. Ok, you got me on this one. Hand me the Kleenex, cousin!

    All our cats have been rescue jobs. One I found living under my borrowed car in Honolulu. She had major health issues that had to be fixed up. Another was living in the alley behind the condo. Still another was abandoned by a bike shop owner when his shop went under water, so being suckers, we took that cat in. That resulted in an $800 cat fight between the alley cat and the bike shop cat.

    But they were all gifts from above. So many of them.

    And of course, I saw Cats at the Winter Garden in NY when it first came out. A bunch of us in my grad school department ate raman noodles for a few months to save up for a Broadway opening. That was a trip.

    Oh, and awesome song. If I forgot to mention it.

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