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So Many Questions

Dear Cheer Peppers,

What’s all this talk about Nano Poblano?

Why am I hearing about it just now?

Who are these peppers so chatty and cheerful?

Where do I upload my writing, and how?

One post a day for a month – are you crazy?

How can I manage to fit all that in?

What if I’m stranded on some desert island

Or dressing a turkey, or driving? What then?

Do I sound anxious? A bit apprehensive?

Am I afraid I’m not up to the task?

Yes, yes, and yes are my own honest answers

(To say otherwise would be too much to ask.)

Don’t get me wrong, I admire your focus

Your writing commitment is stunning and brave

But me, I’ll admit that I’m often quite scattered

Besides, I don’t think I have that much to say.

But hey, what the heck. I’m a sucker for challenge

Just dare me to do it and do it I’ll try

So I’m dipping my toe in the great Nano River

I’ll sink or I’ll swim but I won’t come out dry.

The water’s refreshing! I feel so much better!

Is that my reflection? And is that a smile?

I’m wading in now on the first of November

Please throw me a pencil; I’ll be here a while.

Badge 2017

Happy Nano Poblano Eve

Hello Halloween, goodbye sanity. Starting tomorrow, and for the next thirty days, I’ll be immersed in Nano Poblano. Wish me luck!

What is Nano Poblano, you ask? I asked myself the same question after stumbling upon it on the blogosphere about a month ago. Turns out, it’s a thing. A blogging thing. And it’s been going on for at least a few years. The short explanation is that bloggers challenge themselves to post every day during the month of November, instead of every once in a while when inspiration hits them. (The longer explanation by rarasaur, is here. It’s an interesting read.)

Nano Poblano is meant to help writers connect with other writers, hone their writing skills, and maybe — just maybe — attract a few interested readers who love reading their blog. That sounds good on paper, but writing thirty posts in thirty days may kill me (or destroy my marriage). I’m not sure I’ll be able to produce the goods. But, to quote Stuart Smalley (a.k.a. Senator Al Franken): “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and – gosh darn it – people like me!” At least that’s what my husband tells me. So If I’m still alive and married on November 30, I’ll just post a big smiley face on December 1.

What will YOU be doing in November?

Badge 2017